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eBook Amazon Kindle Books presents the lower ranks – lesen.net

31.3.2015 – Verena Pohl eBook News

Screenshot 2015-03-31 11:56:01 to

Sign in excess supply of books deal is not easy. Frequently remains worth reading it undetected. A new website tries to prevent this by now also provides the lower ranks of the Amazon charts in the spotlight. Finally, do not need everything (only) is sold little, be forcibly bad.

The eBook market is large and is growing more and more every day. A few readers have Lustl forever looking for new reading and to scroll through page by page offers. So it is often only read what is found in the Amazon Top 1oo. Who is farther back is not purchased and therefore no chance it continues to provide in the list, the upward. That will now change the eBook-Amazonas.de page.

Even course 3000 the Kindle charts is discoverable

Screenshot 2015-03-31 11:42:16 by

screenshot of the page

eBook-Amazonas.de has to imagine the task worth reading eBooks rear sales ranks and give them a second chance. In the six categories of “Crime & amp; Thriller “,” love “,” Fantasy “,” contemporary “,” science fiction “and” horror “are one week presents eight books twice. The books are, according to the operator, Markus Sapel, about the list of positions 1 to 3000, each with 300 to 600 seats distance. This is important, “approximately” because the eBook shown does not always correspond exactly to the list value, but is selected according to other criteria. Books must at least have a review and be rated with minimum 4 stars. In addition, authors are skipped with great awareness and parts of larger series to have the chance to get authors newcomers. Skipped

Too lean Präsenation

will always go up, that is the next higher title with relevant criteria will be shown. In this show is in my opinion the biggest drawback of the page. It will only cover the presents which are then linked directly to the Amazon product. Thus we learn nothing about the book, except its approximate sales rank and price. On the side is a nice idea but the literal “visualization” new eBooks that can safely deliver exciting ideas for those interested

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Amazon brings back white Kindle – lesen.net

31.3.2015 – John Main eReader


In regard to color is different eBook Reader in 2015, only a little – across manufacturers, the devices are dressed in dark clothes, usually gray or black. Quite surprisingly falls Amazon now with a snow-white Kindle from the series, which is initially available exclusively in China. A return to the roots.

The first Kindle was released in 2007 was only available in white, also sold from 2009 second generation was still white. With the Kindle 3, however, the Amazon in 2011 sold as first eBook Reader also regularly in Germany, the group moved to gray or black.

color is different: News Kobo portfolio

Colorful is different: News Kobo portfolio

By pivoting the market leader – and with the end of Sony that their readers traditionally offered in different colors – also the other e-reading landscape became turbid color. Except for Pocket Book (Touch Lux 2 is also available in white) no manufacturer has an actual light tackle in the range.

White Kindle (2014)

Screenshot 2015-03-31 10:15:24 by Of all Amazon now swung back but, at least a piece far. In China, the Group has conjured up out of nowhere a white Kindle (2014) out of the hat, MobileRead was discovered as in the US forum. Matched by a colorful bouquet is also offered on colored envelopes. (By the way, all of them cost a little more than ours, despite production in our own country and much lower wages) to have are still only in black Kindle Paperwhite 2 and Kindle Voyage -. Yet

The white Kindle be a shot in the dark: every market follows its own laws, and Amazon should have analyzed that in China worth the offer of a white Kindle (2014). In good numbers but it is by no means impossible that we will see again in Germany more variations in body colors, Amazon and others. Objectively (better readability or the like) is the unit Black in dedicated readers, which is in contrast to the increasingly more colorful smartphone world – Keyword: Golden iPhone – at least not justified

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The article “Amazon Kindle bring back white” was on March 31, 2015 (Tuesday) at 10:31 clock by John Main written. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is editor and publisher of lesen.net

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Today’s Specials: Kindle Paperwhite, Withings scale, Office 365 and more – ifun.de> Apple News since 2001 (blog)

30th Mar 2015

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Amazon has the price for the Kindle Paperwhite for a limited time indirectly reduced by 20 €: When you purchase the e-book reader, there are a shopping voucher worth 20 euros as a bonus – the price of the device is thus reduced from 99 to 79 euros. Learn more about the campaign can be found here.


Cheap iTunes Cards

If you do yesterday have not already noticed: This week you can look at Lidl and real stock up with iTunes balances

Printer and Network Actions

Two other special offers from Amazon:. For limited time is available on selected network of products by manufacturer Netgear 20 percent discount. In addition, running at the online consignor today a promo for HP Officejet printers.

Lightning deals with Withings scale and MS Office

Below is a selection of today’s lightning deals, including two iOS Body Analysis Scales Withings and an annual subscription for Microsoft Office 365
As always, the promotional price at the time specified in the Special Offers page for flash is displayed and it is. The better the price, the speed is out of the range


from 9 clock

  • AmazonBasics Lightning to Micro USB Adapter (regular 12 Euro)
  • JBL Flip II portable stereo Bluetooth Speaker (regularly 83 Euro)

If 10 clock

  • Kingston SSDNow V300 internal SSD hard drive 240GB (regularly 96 Euro)
  • Kingston SV300S37A / 480G internal SSD 480GB (reguär 192 Euro)
  • WD My Passport Ultra external hard drive 500GB (regularly 55 Euro)
  • TP-Link TL-SG108 8-port Gigabit Switch Metal (regularly 28 Euro)
  • Devolo dLAN 1200+ Starter Kit (regularly 129 Euro)
  • TP LINK Archer VoIP Dual-Band Wireless Modem Router (regularly 159 Euro)

from 11 clock

  • Microsoft Office 365 Home 5PCs / MACs year subscription (regularly 69 Euro)
  • Philips DS1155 docking station for iPhone 5 (regularly 70 Euro)
  • Ozaki Slim-Y Case for iPad Air (regularly 48 Euro)

from 11:30 clock

  • WD My Passport Ultra external hard drive 500GB (regularly 55 Euro)
  • Transcend 1TB SSD internal TS1TSSD370 (regularly 368 Euro)

Buy 12 clock

  • WD Elements Portable External Hard Drive 500GB (regularly 50 Euro)
  • Belkin car charger Lightning 2100 mAh (regularly 25 Euro)

at least 13 clock

  • Transcend SSD370 internal SSD 256GB (regularly 109 Euro)
  • SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive 64 GB (regularly 99 € )

From 14 clock

  • HyperX FURY SHFS37A / 120G internal SSD (regularly 65 Euro)
  • Epson AirPrint Multifunction Printer (regular 159 Euro)
  • Transcend TS2TSJM100 external hard drive 2 TB (regularly 135 Euro)
  • TP-LINK Archer wireless dual band gigabit router (regularly 140 Euro)

16 + Clock

  • JBL Control 2.4G wireless speaker (regularly 150 Euro)
  • Wacom CS-600CK Bamboo Stylus Fine Line (regularly 50 Euro)

after 16:30 clock

  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer (regularly 149 Euro)
  • Transcend StoreJet M3 Anti-Shock 1TB (regularly 75 Euro)

from 17 clock

  • Lightning-braided cable with aluminum connectors (regularly 14 Euro)

Ab 18 clock

  • Withings WS-30 online scale (regularly 99 Euro)
  • Logitech Keyboard Cover for iPad Air (regularly 71 Euro)
  • Devolo dLAN Powerline 550 duo + Network Kit (regularly 102 Euro)
  • Cars bracket with ball joint for iPhone 6 (regularly 15 Euro)
  • Autoladeset (2100 mA, 1 meter) for iPod / iPhone / iPad ( regularly 17 Euro)
  • Parrot BeBop Drone for tablet and smartphone (regularly 494 Euro)
  • harman kardon Esquire Bluetooth Speaker (regularly 168 Euro)
  • xcessory Cases for iPad Air (regularly 25 Euro)

from 19 clock

  • WD My Passport Ultra external hard drive 500GB (regularly 55 Euro)
  • Philips Bluetooth stereo adapter (regularly 29 Euro)
  • Harman Kardon Go + Play Bluetooth Speaker (regularly 246 Euro)
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Easter offer: Kindle Paperwhite 2 included 20 € Voucher – lesen.net

29/03/2015 – John Main eReader

 easter shutterstock

So favorable than ever before: Time limited sets Amazon.de Kindle Paperwhite 2 with an unchanged 99-euro price tag a 20 euro voucher for the hotel’s Online Shop, the de facto monetary value and has cheapened the eBook Reader to 79 euros. Rival Tolino Vision 2 is thus (again) 50 euros more expensive, but can also be indirectly save here.

Since November 2014 Amazon sells its most popular eBook reader for 99 € instead of 109 € (initially it was 129 euros) and held that price even over the Christmas period stable, while the major German bookseller laying on of new pricing and bundling initiatives for their Tolino Vision 2 every week. Now there is also the Kindle Paperwhite 2 in the package -. And the same in one, which can be proud of

low as never

For further 99 euros is if ordered by 09 of April. (Enter Promo Code “Ostern2015″ at checkout) Amazon.de a coupon of 20 euros inclusive. Analogous to purchasable Amazon.de vouchers is the value for the entire range redeemable by which he practically corresponds to cash money and reduces the Kindle Paperwhite 2 by 20 percent to just under 80 euros.

 kindle offered

This is the “old” price difference between the Kindle Paperwhite 2 and the most direct competitor, the Tolino Vision 2, at least restored to the paper. For the launch of vision Tolino cost 2 149 EUR (apart from the Club Bertelsmann was also to pay anywhere), while for the Kindle Paperwhite 2 99 euros were paid. Now does the Tolino Vision 2 consistently 129 euros, the Kindle Paperwhite 2 mentioned 79 euros.

Tolino Vision 2 also bundled

Tolino Vision 2

Also for the eBook Reader Germany’s major booksellers there are various special offers. Thalia is a 20 euro gift card for the Thalia retail (mainly books and eBooks) for 129 euros including the costs associated with the device in a computationally 109 EUR. However, 30 euro difference is still a decent chunk, especially against the background that it is the in many ways (display, text options, App-cosmos) is better device on Kindle Paperwhite 2. Kindle Paperwhite 2 and Tolino Vision 2 in comparison.

Who holds the Tolino Vision 2 into the eye, shall in addition to the “open” to do but also take a look at the subscription corner. The Burda Verlag selling the device as reported for 99 € including 12 editions of the counselor booklet “Good Advice”, which are calculated 69 EUR bottom line here even (if interested in the magazine).

  • Kindle Paperwhite 2 at Amazon.de
  • Tolino Vision 2 at Thalia
  • Tolino Vision 2 at Burda Direct

& lt; Credit: gt Easter of Shutterstock &;

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The article “Easter offer: Kindle Paperwhite 2 included 20 € Voucher” was on March 29, 2015 (Sunday) at 19:19 clock written by John Main. John Main ( Xing / Twitter ) is editor and publisher of lesen.net.

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Kindle Paperwhite for 99 € + 20 € Amazon voucher – appgefahren.de

The illuminated Amazon’s Kindle is currently on sale

 Kindle Paperwhite In addition to the Easter week from Amazon are today an additional deal. The price of the eBook reader Kindle Paperwhite was reduced not only of 109 euros to 99 euros, Amazon also puts another check in the amount of 20 euros on top of it.

  • Kindle Paperwhite for 99 euros (Amazon link)
  • The voucher code OSTERN2015 for 20 € coupon

When Paperwhite the second generation has changed in terms of form factor compared to its predecessor nothing , but there are, however, some improvements that people like entrains: “A new display with sharper contrasts, our next generation of integrated lighting, a powerful new processor and the latest touch screen technology,” it says. But the new software that is installed on the Kindle Paperwhite can be seen: Among other things, there is a PageFlip function, which can be several pages skip a beat and come back again

points, the White Paper, especially with its indirect lighting. You can read comfortably without being dazzled even in dark environments. The display brightness can be adjusted freely here. At only disadvantage of Kindle devices, however, has not changed: in addition to PDF documents, the Kindle is understood only with the in-house Mobi format, but not common with the ePubs. Who invites books from sources other than the Amazon store, they therefore must convert to the correct format short free software like Calibre.

The 20 euro voucher will be credited to the client 1 to 2 days after the order by e-mail , Only one coupon per account is possible that after 45 days may be redeemed long -. Of course for books


Kindle Paperwhite including 20 euro voucher for computationally 79 € – ALLESebook.de

Last winter was mild and though spring has just begun, the Amazon competition still has to be in the next few days but again dress warmly. The shipping giant offers the Kindle Paperwhite as Osteraktion computationally smallest prices, as that was the case anyway. For only 99 € the eBook Reader is available – now limited including 20 euro voucher. Thus, to get the bottom line on a device price of only 79 euros, which is the most effective way to get at the lighted eReader.

This indirect price reduction come here quite surprising, because time not too long ago, it looked as if Amazon would raise the sales price to 119 euros. The price change was, however, after three short-term changes undone, so it apart from these brief interruptions since November for around 100 euros is the eReader.

Kindle Paperwhite for 99 EUR incl. 20 € coupon

Amazon vs. Tolino

However, a glance to the competition provides a possible explanation for the new price reduction. When Thalia’s the Tolino Vision 2 including 20 euro voucher for 129 euros ( computational devices thus price 109 euro). Thus, the Tolino partner puts the waterproof Vision 2 perilously close to the Paperwhite.

Now’s Amazon makes ado equal, raising the recent suggestion that the Shipping giant the eReader prices significantly aligns to the Tolino competition and the latter provides consistently. Already for the start of the Vision 2 was the presumption in the room when the White Paper was reduced. The current action is another strong indication.

Germany as a tough place

Away from Japan should the German eBook market probably be the hardest for US shipping giants. In recent years, not only the Amazon skepticism is continuous getiegen, and the headwind of the major German bookseller is stronger here than in other European markets.

The is particularly evident in lightning quick success of the Tolino alliance. In just one year of the Shine could gain a larger market share than all previous competitors Amazon. With a 12 percent one was higher still well behind the US company, but the starting signal for the chase was unmistakable, no doubt, for Amazon.

From a customer perspective, the falling prices welcomed. So low you never came to a technologically modern (E-Ink Carta) and high quality eBook Reader. But we must however be interesting to see how long the two main competitors in this price spiral will persevere.

Very good Easter Package

The Kindle Paperwhite Easter promotion runs until 9 April 2015. In order to receive the 20 € voucher, you have when ordering the code “ OSTERN2015 “use (without quotes). The voucher can redeem up to 45 days after the end of the action. As always, Amazon keeps free to terminate the promotion without Angaber of reasons prematurely (which usually only happens when the rush is very large). The full promotion terms and conditions can be found here.

All those who are still looking for a ebook reader as an Easter gift are (for yourself! Or), you will safely access – if you can take the ePub support missing in purchasing. Otherwise, why not also take a look at our Spring buying guides in the currently most important and best models are briefly presented with their strengths and weaknesses.

Kindle Paperwhite for 99 EUR incl. 20 euro voucher
Tolino Vision 2 for 129 EUR incl. 20 € coupon

Many thanks to Volker for the hint!


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Kindle Charts KW 11: Publisher Title promise of Adler-Olsen jumps to # 1 – ALLESebook.de

Today we take a look back on the best-selling books in the Kindle Store wherein at No. 1 direct encounters a veritable anomaly. We are talking about Jussi Adler-Olsen’s current thriller “promise” who manages this week at the top of the charts. This not only all Self Publisher does the title this time behind but also climbs seven places up.

This is therefore noteworthy as the Kindle Store is usually dominated by cheap indie books – what you can also see well in the following titles. Eight of the ten charts books cost on average only 2.43 € (!), “Promise” fails with more than six times the impact.

In Place 2 follows “ Looking for Mr. Grey ” Emily Bold with a price difference of 15 euros for the first rank. The third place belongs with “ Dark Purple ” Anna Faye also a 99 cents title, followed by last week’s leaders’ Cheerleader does not kiss you “Poppy J. Anderson, the three loses places and it creates this time on rank 4.

The third 99 cents title of this week’s Top 10 “ Red Desert Flower ” of BC Schiller loses a court, and is in fifth place.

Then with “ Zwetschgendatschikomplott ” Rita Falk followed by another DTV publishing titles at the price of EUR 12.99 on rank 6. Although the placement does not sting as the eye like the Eagle Olsen thriller, but, in view of the otherwise very low average price (see above) but a special mention worth it.

8th belongs Amazon Crossing title: “ Star Montana ” by DeAnn Smallwood enters new. The remaining three titles we already knew from the previous week and have all lost between two and four seats.

The half of this week’s top 10 books without DRM shipped, the average price is 4.84 EUR noticeably higher than it was last week (3.64 euros), the new entry of “ Zwetschgendatschikomplott ” is in the first place. As mentioned, the average is without the two dtv title at only 2.43 euros.


promise of Jussi Adler-Olsen
EUR 15.99 DRM: yes

2 +1
Looking for Mr. Grey

Emily Bold Price: EUR 0.99
> DRM yes

3 -1
Dark Purple – The kiss of rose

Anna Faye Price: EUR 0.99
> DRM no

4 -3
Cheerleader kisses you do not
Poppy J. Anderson
3,49 EUR DRM no

5 -1

Red Desert Flower of BC Schiller
Price: EUR 0,99
DRM yes

6 new

Zwetschgendatschikomplott Rita Falk
EUR 12.99 DRM: yes

7  -2
Iceland unapproachable (Part 1)
DC Odesza
EUR 1.99 DRM no

8 new

Montana star over by DeAnn Smallwood
Price: EUR 4,99
DRM: yes

9 -2
If you dare

Gembri of Kira Price: EUR 2,99
DRM no


Love seeks not by Lea Rosenbaum
Price: EUR 2,99
DRM: no