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Amazon Fire HD 6 and HD 7 and Amazon Kindle Tests – Spiegel Online

With two new mini-tablets and a technically improved Kindle e-reader is Amazon is preparing for the season gifts. With prices starting from 99 Euro, the devices cheap models from other manufacturers to compete. The new entry-level Kindle offers for 59 euros now also a touch screen. At the same time Amazon will change the device naming: color tablets hot future only Fire, the name remains the Kindle e-readers Reserved. All three new devices are designed to read books that come from the new e-book Kindle Flatrate Unlimited.

At first glance, it is striking that the new Fire HD tablets of the frame fall. While many competitors strive to make new tablets getting slimmer and more beautiful, Amazon’s new flat computers are bulky plastic boxes. Beautiful is not it. At best, one might almost call it, that they are very robust due to the rough plastic shell.

Nearly eleven millimeters thick they are, as the new BlackBerry Passport. But while BlackBerry Smartphone Klobigkeit hides his clever curved lines and noble materials, the Fire tablet only act appropriately. In Fire HD 6 is quite intentional, because this model is Amazon as flat computer for children, with whom one sometimes can handle a little rougher to.

manufacturer Amazon Amazon Amazon
Name Fire HD 6 Fire HD 7 Kindle (7th Gen.)
operating system Fire OS 4 Fire OS 4 n
Processor 1, 5 GHz Quad Core 1.5 GHz Quad Core n
memory 1GB 1GB n
Storage 8/16 GB 8/16 GB 4 GB
Display Size 6 inch 7 inch 6 inch
screen resolution 1280 x 800 1280 x 800 167 ppi
W-Lan 802.11 b / g / n 802.11 b / g / n 802.11 b / g / n
Bluetooth Yes Yes No
NFC No No No
HDMI Via opt. SlimPort adapter Via opt. SlimPort adapter No
mobile No No No
memory card slot No No No
Webcam VGA VGA No
Digital Camera 2 Mpx 2 Mpx No
Weight 290 grams 337 grams 191 grams
Dimensions (mm) 169 x 103 x 10.7 191 x 128 x 10.6 169 x 119 x 10.2
Price with W-Lan from 99 € from 119 € 59 €
All specifications are those published

A bit mask can be the chunky design, if you do not opt ​​for black with the purchase of our test devices and instead ordered a housing in white, blue, magenta or yellow. If you want to protect the device additionally, Amazon can to find a stable protective case in one of six colors for 30 euros. The you can also use as a stand, it makes the tablet but still thick.

Direct considered very crisp

both tablets are technically identical except for the screens constructed: In Fire HD 6 puts a 6-inch display, the Fire HD 7 of 7 inches. However, both display the same resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Higher resolutions are reserved for the more expensive Amazon Fire HDX models.

However, both screens provide a very good picture, as long as you looking at it as vertical as possible. For oblique viewing positions disturb reflections in the thick cover glass and the colors appear faded. The brightness is sufficient to detect even in well-lit environments or anything. To read you should turn down the backlight something.

Plenty of computing power, scarce memory

The computing power of the 1.5 GHz quad-core processor ranged effortlessly in the test that it presents movies, apps and games smoothly. However unsatisfactory were the results of the built-in two-megapixel cameras: Snapshots so often looked pale and blurred

Of the eight gigabytes of storage space, our testers reported after the first start just five gigabytes as available – with a. and a few apps downloaded movie they were filled quickly. An extension option is not available. But you get with the purchase of unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content and photos, to do with the devices.

Optimised access to consumer

In practice, it gives so most sense to use the Fire tablet as streaming machines, online only exploit her full potential. To get into the net, but a Wi-Fi network is needed because UMTS or LTE versions do not exist.

Benefits and disadvantages of Fire HD Tablets

Reasonable price

More than enough performance

Good screens

Easy access to Amazon’s online services

Low Disk Space

Chunky housing

The operating system is Amazon’s Fire OS 4 is installed, a customized version of Android 4.4, with its own, very intuitive usable interface. Apps can only be from Amazon App Store, do not relate from the Google Play Store. The system is optimized in every respect to the purchase and consumption of Amazon content out.

A Kindle for Beta Chen

The same is true, in intensified form, for the new Kindle the seventh generation. Its only purpose is to make e-books from Amazon’s Kindle deal readable. The 20 percent additional performance offered by the processor of the new model, it is neither important nor noticeable. The same applies to the enlarged to four gigabytes of memory.

The touch screen, however, is a significantly noticeable relief. Who is already accustomed to the use of tablets and smartphones in order to better cope with than the leaves of the previous button. Also, text annotations and markings can be so much faster to install and intuitive. The E-Ink display does the job perfectly: It makes text sharp focus and works best in bright light

advantages and disadvantages. Kindle (7th Generation)

Reasonable price

Lots of storage

-responsive touch screen

is Good access to Amazon’s Kindle store

Precise Cardinal housing

Schade however, that the new Kindle in a similar chunky body houses such as the Fire HD tablets. Compared with the predecessor model, it has a little risen, seems less convenient, less elegant. The difference with the Kindle Paperwhite and the upcoming Kindle Voyage is abundantly clear.


The new Fire HD tablets and the new touchscreen Kindle are meaningful updates for Amazon’s hardware offerings. You have power in abundance, good screens, a mature OS and effortless access to Amazon’s huge film music and books offer. Unfortunately, the exterior of the device looks rather cheap.

Amazon Fire HD 6, 7 and Kindle Fire HD


New Amazon Hardware: The new tablet with six-and seven-inch screens and the new Kindle use the lower price segment .


Unity Outfit: The design of the new tablets and e-readers is uniform. They all stuck in clunky plastic housings. Unlike our testers there is the tablet in other colors than black.


Dicke Dinger: The three new Amazon devices in direct comparison with an iPhone 6


Nice to look at: The of Fire HD 6 screen has good contrast and a sharp image on, if you look directly on it


Great cinema: films like Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” to look at the small 6-inch screen makes for good image quality quite fun


Fast on the Net: Amazon installs its own web browser Silk on the devices. Because outsources a part of the computational work in the cloud, it is sometimes very quickly.

Not enough: The basic version of Amazon’s Tablets are supplied with eight gigabytes of storage, of which five gigabytes are free. with a few apps and a movie of course is quickly exhausted.

shopping Specialist: As cheap as they are the Amazon Fire tablets are offered only because the Group considers it only as a consumption platform, with the sale content and not with the devices want to earn money.


The new Kindle: The processor is faster, the memory twice as large as before. Both changes are in everyday eist irrelevant.


Much more important than the extra power is the touch screen: Turn the page you have to press, it goes on the screen to tap any button press.


X-Ray: Books can be read on a Kindle other than on paper. The X-Ray feature about provides a quick overview of important events, people, places, or the storyline.


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