Monday, September 29, 2014

Unlimited Kindle E-Book Flat comes to Germany – CHIP Online Business

is to what extent and under what conditions to start the e-book flat rate is not yet known. According to “Business Week” will be initially involved hardly large publishers, many well-known titles are likely to be missing according to

In any case, the relationship between Amazon, publishers and authors is biased. In an open letter last turned over 1,000 authors to the American company and threw Amazon among other things, accounts of individual publishers deliver slowed or not to keep in stock in order to force higher discounts from the publishers

original message of 25 September 2014.
Amazon Kindle Unlimited is here – British customers can use for 7.99 pounds a month all e-books and audio books, available currently for the UK Kindle Store. Amazon had betrayed himself and turned too early in July, an advertisement for the service, it was then found and created a screenshot.

650,000 e-books available to the subscribers. Thousands of audiobooks and other digital content can be synchronized via various devices away and allow seamless consumption of content. When the service starts in Germany, is not yet known. But already now, the service will considered as a threat to public libraries, says Engadget. Amazon Kindle Unlimited is specified for the USA with a monthly price of $ 9.99.


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