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Read Kindle books on legally EPUB-capable eReaders –

Amazon has the widest range of Self-Publisher eBooks. These are books that do not appear at the publishers, but be moved by the author. Recognizable these books are usually at prices below five Euro. Now most of these eBooks can be read by default only on the Kindles. Who has another eBook reader, normally looks here in the tube.

A trick can be some Kindle -eBooks read yet on all non-Kindle devices. If the desired eBook namely has no copy protection, it can be converted into EPUB format with Calibre.

Calibre is the Swiss army knife for everything that has to do with eBooks. First and foremost, it is a book management, which also allows converting to other book formats. Calibre is free, available in German and

The first thing to find out which books have no copy protection. This is in some encrypted form in the product information of the corresponding book on the product page on Amazon. If there the option “Simultaneous use of equipment: No restriction” is included, this indicates that the book has no copy protection, and can be read an unlimited number of devices. Normally, reading an eBook is possible only five with the same account linked devices or apps.

If the book is purchased, it must be downloaded to the next PC. In Amazon’s are for the program “Kindle for PC (Windows 7, Vista, XP)”. It is important to use exactly this program and in any case “Kindle for Windows 8.”

After installing and logging on to your Amazon account now are all already purchased eBooks available. Double-click on the book you want is downloaded to the PC and opened for reading. The book is now with a cryptic file name and the file extension AZW in the “My Documents” folder in “Documents My Kindle Content”. This “Kindle for PC” can be closed again.

Before the book can be imported into Calibre, an adjustment must be checked in this program yet. Indeed, it is quite handy if Calibre already converted the book during import into the EPUB format. So that makes it the must in the settings of Calibre “Add books” under the hook on “books Added automatically in the current output format convert” must be set. Once done, the settings can be closed.

the first button in (the red book with the plus sign) toolbar, the book can now be added to your own library in Calibre. After a few moments in which Calibre sorted the book and converted to the EPUB format, it is displayed in the library. To copy it to completion on the eBook reader, it is connected via USB cable to the PC. After Calibre reports that the device is connected, the selected book on the blue icon can “to send Reader” to copy this.

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