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New Kindle tablet: 6 to 9 inches, Kids Tablet with XXL warranty –

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After last substantial decline in market share in an already stagnant tablet market Amazon is once again on the whole. A whole bunch of very different tablets introduced the online retailer also on Thursday at the two eBook readers before. Below is a children’s tablet, is a well unique guarantee of the Amazon.

Getting the tablet pleasure at Amazon now for 99 Euro. There is the Kindle Fire HD 6 8 Gybte space and special offers, speak to advertising on the lock screen. For a “clean” device 15 € extra charge are due once. With 16 instead of 8 GB of Kindle Fire costs 119 euros, so modest 20 euros more

catches the eye the eponymous screen size.’s New Kindle Fire HD 6 is the first Amazon tablet with a six-inch display and one of the few representatives of this size class at all. The majority of LCD sets in this size falls now in the smartphone category (but also costs many times). It is available in all five body colors

The Kindle Fire HD 6 solves 1280x800px on -. Exactly the same as his model brother, the Kindle Fire HD 7 Even otherwise, the two devices share a majority of the specifications, they differ only in screen and hence chassis size. Correspondingly small extra charge, for 119 euros it starts at the Fire HD 7

Updated was also the top model, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 -. Compared to the previous model it has a more powerful CPU. The Kindle Fire HDX with 7 “screen size is sold continue unchanged. . Anyone on a 8 “- 10″ or waited tablet of Amazon, was disappointed

Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition: Exchange “no questions asked”

All of these devices are also in Germany available, the delivery starts in October (Fire HD 6 and 7) and November (Fire HDX 8.9). So far, unfortunately, only in the United States is pre-order the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition conceptually most exciting new presentation.

Available is the Kids Edition with a screen size of 6 “(from $ 149) and 7″ ( from $ 189), on the hardware side, they comply with the new Kindle Fire HD devices mentioned above. It comes with a thick content package, which consists of more than 5,000 child-friendly apps, e-books, movies and series.

The Kids Edition is in a “Kid-Proof Case” (three colors to choose ), which is intended to protect the device also against shocks and drops. Anything does get broken, promises Amazon a two-year all-inclusive warranty, “no questions asked” when. No doubt a bold and determined also expensive deal with the Amazon goes to the lucrative but highly competitive education market in the offensive.

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