Monday, September 22, 2014

Voyage Kindle: Amazon-entries indicate new e-Book Reader –

Amazon messages, media reports have listed a device called “Kindle Voyage”. It could be a new e-book reader of the online dealer from whom already have a picture and some basic data in circulation.

Kindle Voyage could be the new E -book reader called Amazon out of the house, The Verge reported with reference to entries in the online retailer in Germany and Japan. In the meantime, however they were removed.

This design of the Kindle Voyage to come from the user. (Source:

The Kindle Voyage to offer a six-inch display with a pixel density of 300 pixels per inch. Details of Amazon Japan theme the Kindle Voyage as Wi-Fi and 3G model, which weighs 186 grams and has eight millimeters thick.

A picture of the Kindle e-book Voyage to loud Portal from the manual of the device derived (see above). The white areas on the sides are particularly noticeable. They may serve as a help in turning

release in November

Even a release date was listed for the Amazon Kindle Voyage:. 4 On November. want it to appear. It’s quite possible that Amazon, the device promptly officially announced. Recently, the company made a serious vulnerability in the Kindle library attention.

fourth November 2014


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