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Kindle Fire HDX and Voyage: Amazon announces new top models – T-Online

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Amazon is stepping up its Kindle series

09.19.2014, 12:06 clock |, dpa

Kindle Fire HDX and Voyage: Amazon announces new top models on Kindle Fire HDX. Amazon is introducing a new tablet and two eBook readers (Source: AP / dpa).

Kindle Fire HDX Amazon provides a new tablet and two eBook -Reader before. (Source: AP / AP)

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Amazon has its Kindle series revised and a new peak Tablet announced. With the “Kindle Fire HDX” the online bookseller sets the bar for books suitable for tablet computers continues upward. The well-known e-book reader “Kindle Paperwhite” gets competition.

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From November, the new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 to replace the previous model, Amazon said. The color screen of 8.9 inch tablet dissolves as its predecessor with 2560 × 1600 pixels (339 ppi) on.

Tablet for reading books

works inside the tablets, an improved quad-core processor with 2.5 GHz, which is to provide up to 70 percent higher graphics performance. Internal memory are 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes for election. A rear 8-megapixel camera for photo and video recording in Full HD picture quality as usual is next to an HD front-Cam installed.

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The price of the new Kindle Fire HDX start at 379 euros for the wireless base version. For the variant with the fast mobile LTE least 529 euros to be spent.

New Kindle eBook Reader

On the new E-book readers Amazon announced the “Kindle Voyage” with a even brighter Paperwhite display with 300 ppi pixel density. Readers can use the screen to flip pressure-sensitive sensors instead of having to tap the six inch screen.

According to the manufacturer, the device has also been the first one dynamic lighting control, so that the pages of a book in all lighting conditions similar to real paper should.

The Voyage is 180 grams and a thickness of about eight millimeters lighter and thinner than the previous top model Kindle Paperwhite. It will be available in November and cost 189 euros in the basic version with Wi-Fi. For the LTE variant Amazon demanded 60 euros more

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reader for beginners

Even the entry-level model of Amazon has experienced a technology upgrade. The best reader in the range of online book retailer now has a touch screen -. However, unlit and with a lower resolution than the Kindle Voyage

Compared to the previous model has the Kindle also more space for electronic books and a faster processor. From October the reader for 79 euros will be available, a sponsored version is 20 euros cheaper.

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