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Export notes and highlights from Kindle + Kindle Paperwhite –

21/08/2014 – of Nils Müller Software

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It’s easy on the Kindle or Kindle to mark passages or White Paper to take notes, but hard to get them out of the Amazon universe. We show how to do it.

If you come across a particularly interesting passage when reading on the Kindle, this can be very simply highlight: a long press on the start of the text and then simply drag the marker to the end. In the latest software, the label can be then adjusted before the press “Select” she assures. Pressing “Add Note”, however, does just that, it allows to add your own text note about the respective keyboard. Marks and notes are automatically synchronized within the Kindle universe. The possibilities to export them from this are, however, quite hidden.

Export directly from Kindle / Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle clippings Manager

Kindle clippings Manager

The Kindle stores all markups, written notes and set bookmarks in the file “My Clippings.txt”. These can be found if you your device to the PC connects in the directory “documents”. However, the format of this file is relatively unclear and is therefore almost unusable, especially for large collections and many notes. To this end, there are online and offline, some interesting helpers that facilitate the navigation and allow export to different formats.

to install on your own PC or Mac, these are for example the Kindle Clippings Manager or the English DaleyKlippings. Online Clipper offers easy navigation and export of tags and notes and has extensive targeting capabilities to export and management, in can even play back changes back to the device. These services set course, that you want to upload his collected notes on a foreign server.

If - Your Highlights – Your Highlights

A somewhat simpler access to its markings and notes obtained directly from under with the German user data. Here all markings and notes for books are sorted among themselves displayed.

The HTML representation makes copying the notes in a notepad program here cumbersome, since for each note some automounted Links must be manually removed. In addition, notes and highlights lack of “personal documents” – ie pdf files or mobi ebooks that you have manually loaded onto the Kindle. In the “My Clippings.txt” these, however, are available.

So really comfortable is not the administration and the export of clippings unfortunately until now, but with the existing tricks can now work. Let’s see on Amazon sometime even comes up with the idea to offer the readers a little more comfortable here. In their apps they have thus already begun

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