Saturday, August 9, 2014

Amazon Kindle Fire HD for a short time with 50 Euro discount –


Amazon apparently wants to clear the camp “Kindle Fire offer” and has therefore decided to the price of the Kindle Fire HD for 50 € to reduce.

Instead of 129 euros, you pay for the Kindle Fire 8 GB HD with currently only 79 € on Amazon. The Kindle Fire HD with 16 GB currently costs only 109 euro instead of the usual 159 euros. So Amazon offers a discount of 50 euros for the two proud Tablets. Incidentally, it is the same offer for the Kindle Fire HD, which already existed in March this year.

Amazon wants so well so slowly get the bearings and empty space (for a successor?) Make. The range goes as long as supplies last and if it is not used up, it ends on 31 July by 22 clock. Amazon wants so make sure that it also see enough people. In the last time the action is on Amazon after all been after only one day to end.

slamming? Hard to say, but at 79 euros you can not do so much wrong actually. An alternative in this price range do not exist. I would spontaneously because only the Nexus 7 incident, which at 200 euros will cost over twice as much, but his money’s worth. Or do you notice even a cheap alternative to the Kindle Fire HD one that costs less than 100 Euros?


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