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Mockingbird plugin for Chrome: Search in Kindle Store, at Project Gutenberg … –

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3 Mar 2016 Ansgar Warner 0 comments

 mockingbird-for-chrome When Showrooming in the book industry is the winner does not always Amazon. We know that at the latest, since clever browser extensions chop the extensive catalog of online giants for a variety of purposes, it was ultimately then check out the reading at the next library to read at competitive flat rates, or via bit torrent from the data port the pirates to klauben (project “pirates of the Amazon”).

Mockingbird refers to project Gutenberg

A little mockery is always there, at Mockingbird plugin Chrome already in the name. In this case, the mocking thrush directs the reader via a pop-up on free classic versions in Project Gutenberg, both e-books as well as, where available, Audiobooks. In the public domain library’s are not only freebies in epub and pdf format, but also in the Kindle format. Who wants that Schmöker can even read directly in the browser – the HTML versions there’s also a Chrome plugin called “Readable Project Gutenberg” that ensures more beautiful and more comfortable are side views

No Mock. -Up, but more than a statement?

Mind you go of course to the original Project Gutenberg, not the German branch. Therefore, the plugin works even quite on, German title is one but find very few. Apart from the fact that most of English classics, too long “officially” ready in Amazon catalog as zero-cent download.

In this respect, the mocking thrush in the browser line might not mock-up, but probably mainly an arch-häckisches statement against the overpowering Books giant who indeed like other hugs and disintermediiert. Perhaps but the software acts indeed as an inspiration for a German Buy-Local plugin that actually leads to the showroom of the bookseller at the corner? Wait times

First of only the following happen:. Mockingbird it should soon be available in a version for Firefox, and to enable the browser extension in future into the catalog of Amazon’s radio play-daughter Audible as well in e- Store from Barnes & amp; Noble can pick the public domain raisins of catalog

(via The Digital Reader & amp; Goodereader)

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