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Kindle Scout published first reader favorites, extended genres –

02/25/2015 John Main eBook News

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Four months after the start of the book voting platform Kindle Amazon Scout published the first 10 Favorites under its own flag. At the same time the selectable index

At expanded. can Amazon since the end of October (US) reader decide what should be published for eBooks flying the flag of the new house Imprint Kindle Press. Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts to readers determine based on excerpts their favorites and receive the title in publication case as thanks for free.

10 launch titles, new genres

pit bulls aliens On Tuesday Amazon announced the first ten titles known to the raptured both the audience and Amazon itself and thus go into production. From March 3rd at books in the genres of SciFi (cover right), romance, mystery and thriller Amazon will have. The selected authors get to an advance of $ 1,500 for five years 50 percent of the revenues and promotions on For at least the five years to go all distribution rights left to Amazon. Then, the author can reclaim his rights – but only if he has earned during these five years not more than $ 25,000 with this title

Along announcierte with the announcement of the first Kindle-press program Amazon. yesterday, Tuesday an extension of the accepted genre. So now historical novels, adventure novels and contemporary fiction (ie “realistic” Science Fiction) are accepted as submissions. Information to the internationalization of the program did not exist.

Bestsellers in series?

 after Whether the concept works and the wisdom of the readers mass (after all, 29,000 “Kindle Scouts” already participate in the selection) actually produces better or at least more successful novels, the coming months will prove. In fan fiction area, there are already some examples of successful transformations of hobby manuscripts in commercial bestsellers (Fifty Shades of Grey, derWattpad hit anus) – Amazon is certainly best be trusted with its sales and marketing power, these individual successes reproducible to make

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