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Kindle Paperwhite 2 for the first time with eBook Bundle –

02/04/2015 John Main eBook News

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There were (to our knowledge, ) never: Amazon Kindle bündet its customer Paperhite 2 since Tuesday yesterday with five books, the price remains the same. This is a nice “on top” in the selection, there are just over competitor still room for improvement.

If the Kindle Paperwhite 2 between yesterday’s 3.2. and 3.2. buys, receives 1-2 days after order by e-mail for a coupon code to download five songs. These are the three indie titles Barefoot in the Rain (romance), Silent tears (Crime) and Rabenblut (Fantasy) as well as the two Serial consequences of Bastion Luebbe (Cherringham (1) and country air for beginners (1))

expensive. Before start of the campaign, moderately attractive

Long for free: Bundle title & quot; Cherringham (1) & quot;

Long free: Bundle-called “Cherringham (1)”

If you add the current sales prices together, we arrive at the equivalent of at least 18,50 euro, which is mitverschenkt here. This statement, however, be treated with caution, because in the last few days was really turned up the price screws. So Barefoot was sold in the rain for months for 2.99 euros instead of the current 4.99 euros, the Bastion-Luebbe crime was to have even free (we reported in our eBook tips). The indie titles do their best times also have long behind him -. With room 178 in the Kindle Store Barefoot is in the rain still the most sought-after title

Value at Tolino

The Three gift digital literature on the purchase of dedicated readers is obvious and is practiced by virtually all providers except from Amazon for years. Even the Sony Reader PRS-505, whose launch founded the German e-reading upswing in the spring of 2009, came with three included titles. These were nevertheless “real” novels (and not only serial) from major publishers

Last just went the Tolino allies to over to join eBook Reader with current bestsellers -. However, often an additional charge, which the offer is worth reading just for friends who wanted to buy the ebook anyway. The currently most attractive Tolino Vision 2 bundle can be found at, the current standard price of 129 euros here is one of five attractive publishing titles included.

When will the Kindle Unlimited Bundle?

Amazon has a huge pool of exclusive titles and especially titles of the house publishing division (Amazon Publishing, Amazon Crossing). Now that the Group has opened the gateway for internal bundles, attractive bundle with this item are a matter of time. Even more interesting would be free-months for the eBook flatrate Kindle Unlimited. Here, Amazon takes but even digging deep into their bag, because the group has to pay for each paying a rental Prosisionen to the underlying authors or publishers.

  • Kindle Paperwhite 2 at with Bundle

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