Monday, February 9, 2015

Kindle: reduced eBook reader with touch display at 49 euros –

Amazon offers its best eBook reader until next week a bit cheaper than the usual manner.

 Kindle Touch

Along with the introduction of the new Kindle Voyage, the top of the eBook reader series, Amazon has the Kindle Touch chosen as the new entry-level model and lowered the price to 59 euros. Shortly before Christmas, you could already knock for a short period for 49 euros, starting today you get a chance. Until 18 February, the Kindle for Internet best price available, thus saving you exactly 10 €.

  • Kindle with touch display for 49 euros (Amazon link)

Why a Kindle? On the eInk display font can be significantly more pleasant and better read than the iPhone or iPad, especially in direct sunlight is the normal Kindle displays considerably in advance. Also, the weight is significantly lower with only 191 grams, which is another advantage is the longer reading. The major disadvantage of the eBook reader: Really good they can only books

When Kindle with touch display is the predecessor of the White Paper, which must make do without backlit display.. This is a day or in lit rooms no problem, at dusk or in the dark you need to operate an light source. But the Kindle costs up even half. For 49 euros you get the version with special offers that appear on the lock screen. Disabling it can only before the purchase for 20 EUR, which is then rather should direct access to the Kindle Paperwhite (Amazon link), which manages completely ad

Our brief conclusion. Bookworms with limited budget is the Kindle for 49 euros a viable alternative if you are anyway in the Amazon cosmos is home or has no problem to convert eBooks from other sources before using free tools like Calibre.


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