Friday, December 20, 2013

Tolino Shine: Shine Tolino despite serious weaknesses Kindle competitor - ABC Online

German e-book readers do not appear in comparison to Amazon’s Kindle in the best over-the light. The Tolino Shine – behind which a whole alliance of booksellers and Telekom is – still trying to shake the throne. How successful is shown by the practice test.

So far dominated the market of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader almost at will. But the Tolino Alliance is catching up. According to the GfK market researchers, the proportion of the reader, stand behind the Telekom, Thalia, Hugendubel, worldview and Bertelsmann, in the third quarter of 2013 already at 37 percent, the Kindle is, however, with 43 percent still the market leader. Now the second generation of Tolino Shine on the market, can in practice test but only partly convincing.

The first impression is striking: the new Tolino is small and light, with its 183 grams, it disappears barely noticeable in your pocket. However, the second impression is then less positive. Because even the power switch at the top of the unit can only be fumbling, only with a little practice succeed in directly launch of e-readers. And the home button below the six-inch displays not just talking for the best processing: When firm pressure on the entire unit creaks


And the third button on the unit is not particularly supple in use – this function is very practical: The backlight of the display can be switched on and off with it. This can be read in the dark heart’s content, without flashlight under the covers. In the comparable Kindle Paperwhite, however the lighting can be dimmed only cumbersome over the menu.

The display quality of the Tolino Shine convinced only when continuous printing sharpness is still room for improvement. The reading itself works without any hocus-pocus: With a touch of the right side of the display can scroll forward, left it goes back. This works relatively quickly, annoying ghosting effects – so that the old side shines through – do not occur


great advantage of Tolino Shine in comparison to Amazon’s Kindle is the ability to Thalia, worldview, use Hugendubel or Bertelsmann as a bookseller of trust and to be dependent not only on Amazon. Also handy: The Tolino Shine has access to the 12,000 public hot spots of Deutsche Telekom in Germany – so can also go buy more new books without a 3G access would be necessary. The battery life is up to 168 hours on the free movement of 2.1 out of a total of 4 gigabytes of memory can accommodate an entire library, optionally can be upgraded via a memory card


Who in the choice of the device is undecided should think about what he wants: Tablet or e-Reader. With the high quality and display quality of a tablet of Tolino Shine can not keep up, of course, this is a 99 euro also much cheaper and so an interesting option on the e-book market.

the Tolino Shine can buy here

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