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Tolino Shine and Kindle Paperwhite away: How to -

16/12/2013 – by John Main – eBook News


This year, probably more eBook Reader below mentioned Christmas trees than ever before. In particular, two models are in demand, the Kindle Paperwhite Amazon and its German rival Tolino Shine. What you need to consider when choosing and on giving away, so that the gift arrives immediately good.

Tolino Shine and Kindle Paperwhite compared: what for whom


anticipation be said: None of the two currently most popular eBook Reader make friends reading something wrong. Both devices are technically up to date, the software side of Tolino Shine has been greatly improved in recent months and is now almost on par with the Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Paperwhite the ebook reader of Tolino Alliance is in terms of convenience nor a nose ahead of eBook purchase and transfer is somewhat simpler. Especially when readers further devices to be used for browsing in addition to the eBook, plays the Amazon platform with well-developed apps and sync features his stockings. In addition, the Kindle Paperwhite with e-ink Carta has the more modern display technology on board (the only currently available eBook Reader), the difference in terms of contrast and response speed can be neglected.

Tolino Shine can with a 30 euro lower price points (mathematically it is still more, see next point). In addition, the six-incher goes with the ubiquitous Adobe copy protection for PDF and epub files, so it can be filled from any commercial sources (except for Amazon and Apple). Within the Tolino Alliance (world view, Thalia, Hugendubel, Bertelsmann, Deutsche Telekom) is the synchronization of the new Tolino function “library link” particularly easy.

buy Tolino Shine and Kindle Paperwhite: The need to be considered

Gift checkbox on Kindle Paperwhite order page

gifts checkbox on Kindle Paperwhite order page

Kindle Paperwhite costs 129 euro, nor is there anything to shake. The previous model can be had for 119 euros, which should 10 euro charge for more software functions and a more modern screen but will be paid in any case. Can be saved only when original accessories, on which there is a 20 percent discount on purchase of two parts. If the donee technically less affinity and has accordingly not a dozen USB power supplies in the drawer, should such be ordered. Otherwise, the unit needs to be recharged on a computer, what is rather uncomfortable.

addition, offers of buying a cover for the Kindle Paperwhite, just as a gift gives the round a total package. In addition to the 20 percent discount 28 EUR expensive original envelope, there are cases from other manufacturers that cost so much only half. They serve their purpose, do look and feel but of course less ago.

If the ordered Kindle Paperwhite be given away, should definitely be checked on the products side of the device the “This is a gift”. so the Kindle Paperwhite is delivered in plain packaging and above all, Unregistered. Unchecked, the unit is preset to the buyer, which can indeed be undone with a few clicks, but also avoid in this way just the same


15 € discount plus free eBooks: Tolino Shine at Thalia

15 € discount plus free eBooks: Tolino Shine at Thalia

Tolino Shine is known to be sold by several dealers, battling it out during the festive season partly a true discount battle. Currently attract both Thalia and and Hugendubel with 15 euros computational discount. In Hugendubel there is the unit for 99 euros with a felt bag (worth 15 euros), Thalia and for 110 euros with a more chic leatherette bag worth 25 euros. In all three dealers four books are preinstalled.

Again, a USB power adapter should be ordered if necessary. In addition, no special settings for gifting to be made, a pre-registration in order is not accepted online.

Kindle Paperwhite and Tolino Shine: device Getting Started, ebooks buy

setup screen de Tolino Shine

setup screen de Tolino Shine

No provider makes eBook reader Neubesitzern the start as easy as Amazon. In addition to the optional pre-registration you will be familiar with an interactive tutorial, with the Kindle Paperwhite and its functions. An Amazon customer account provided that can be immediately redeemed and geschmökert.

the start to the digital reading experience is somewhat more complicated when Tolino Shine. Again, new owners will be greeted with an illustrated manual. Is then you have to get a Customer Account offered where the Tolino was bought (possible on the device). Then is also an Adobe ID to deposit in order to browse through copy-protected eBooks can. If the recipient has little knowledge of the matter, one should support him in these steps. A detailed Guide for gifting electronic reading devices specifically to seniors, we have published here.

Without Wi-Fi connection is, of course, in both cases, nothing in terms of “shopping over the device.” Has the donee no wireless at home, the Kindle Paperwhite 3G offers (the current model, however, is completely sold out), you can temporarily help out over a furnished using smartphone Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Kindle Paperwhite at
  • Tolino Shine at (with leatherette bag)
  • Tolino Shine at (with leatherette Czech)
  • Tolino Shine at Hugendubel (with felt bag)
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