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Paperwhite Kindle (2nd Gen) in short test [+ Video] -

6 September 2013 – From John Main

Paperwhite Kindle (2nd Gen) in short test [+ video]

The new Kindle Paperwhite brings the first reader with an E Ink panel of the new-generation Carta, which will have much better contrast and reflectance values ??than existing displays. How proposes the new screen and what the new features are good, clarifies our short test.

Hardware: e-ink Carta, lighting, CPU

hardware side has been working on the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite mainly on the display. The e-ink display Carta (the first time ever installed in an eBook Reader) to 50 percent better contrast and 25 percent better reflection values ??than older e-ink generations. In addition, it should clearly be less ghosting, making the required number of inversions (“splash screens”) back. Also, the built-in processor to be 25 percent faster.

the direct juxtaposition of old and new White Paper (see video) in the background of the second generation of devices has actually a little white, without really cut down from the stool. Flashy is there already now significantly brighter maximum lighting, especially Amazon recommends reading in bright conditions. In the apparatus shown us the lighting was also very evenly – according to Amazon, because the LEDs were installed closer to the screen. Whether that is true or delivered to any device whether it continues to cases of non-uniform illumination are (cloud in the bottom of the screen), you will only can state in the weeks after delivery beginning in mid-October. The lighting settings in the newly added option “Light Boost” on the way to a tap on the maximum brightness level.

firmware: pageflip, Vocabulary

kindle-paper-white 3 With regard to the Kindle software Page Flip is certainly the most important innovation. It is the counterpart to the haptic Income-book sheets: While loading the current page remains in the background (similar to the inserted finger or made donkey ear), you can jump to other pages or chapters in a small window. The main reason makes fun because it happens almost instantly.

kindle-white paper-4 New is also a Vocabulary Trainer: Not known (foreign language) words can not only look but also save them as tab and request later book is based – nice to learn new languages, but in the end more of a niche feature. Whether the announced for the United States Goodreads integration and Kindle Free Time (Awards for reading predefined goals, especially addressed to children) will also be available for German Kindles, you could not tell us.

Kindle Pape flip and Vobabeltrainer will initially only on the new Kindle Paperwhite (2nd generation) will be available. The Amazon spokeswoman stressed, however, in the past, were newly introduced functions always delayed via firmware updates for older devices will be made available -. These policies would be maintained as long as it allows the hardware

Kindle Paperwhite (2nd generation) Short Test result: Good done better

As I said this is the new Kindle Paper White Paper on a successful new edition of a device that already convinced (and not for nothing that the test took victory in the Stiftung Warentest). This impression was strengthened even in our short test: e-ink Carta is far removed from the display revolution that suggests the promise of a full-bodied 50 percent higher contrast. In conjunction with the brighter lighting, but actually results in a visibly more comfortable reading experience.

software side would especially like to Flip Page, that for the first time with dedicated readers in a really speedy Book Browse possible. Long reaction time were the lame e-ink panels and slow CPUs in the way, now the technology is apparently far enough.

kindle-paper-white 1 Who can come to terms with the often mentioned unity of the platform (where quite epub files can be read, as long as free from hard DRM and so convertible), will not find a better reader in this year’s holiday shopping season – which can already be estimated now. The more moderate improvements justify itself is not a upgrade from old to new Paperwhite – (. 2nd Gen) who names no reader his own or wants to enter into the world of light reader, get the new Kindle Paperwhite but technical and functional State-Of-The-Art.

Kindle Paperwhite, 15 cm (6 inches) high resolution display with integrated lighting, next-generation wireless

Price: EUR 129.00

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Kindle 3G White Paper, 15 cm (6 inches) high resolution display with integrated lighting the next generation, Free 3G + Wi-Fi

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blank book – Books rediscover

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