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Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Gen shows [Update] -

3 September 2013 – From John Main

Paperwhite Kindle 2nd Gen shows [Update]

Apparently Amazon has accidentally been the product page of the new Kindle released White Paper. Thus, there are both software-based optimizations, as well as various upgrades of the hardware, especially the display.

an e-commerce giants errors seem to happen. Engadget screenshots of the product page have been leaked, will be shortly available on the White Paper and the new Kindle which was apparently unlocked accidentally. [Update 19:00 clock : It is now the product page online. Update 20:30 clock: The Kindle Paperwhite is now also available on . Deliveries will start from 09 October. ] The new features coming soon

kindle 2nd gen white paper sheet

  • new display technology: Amazon talks of higher contrast and better reflectivity (dealing with ambient light), whereby “white and black nor white nor black” should be. Whether it still is an e-ink panel or Amazon uses its own andereren suppliers (possibly even to our own Diplaysparte Liquavista), is not yet out of the sheet. But the latter is almost impossible, but Liquavista developed color panels.
  • new lighting technology: It is further to front light, goes into detail here, not Amazon
  • .

  • 25 percent faster CPU, 19 percent easier-to-use touch interface (what ever that may mean).
  • “Kindle Page Flip,” a new book in the explore option in the original page is preserved while scrolling.
  • Contextual information (X-Ray, Wikipedia) directly with a tap on the word.
  • words can be looked up automatically to a “vocabulary list” to add and retrieve later.
  • not available at the start, but upgraded via firmware update is the expected integration of the acquired Amazon Kindle Book Community Goodreads and Free Time, a function that is to reward children with awards for defined reading goals.
  • paperwhite kindle 2nd gen

    Delivery is in the U.S. on 30 September start, as already the previous model, the Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Gen in the U.S. cost $ 119 ($ 139 without ads). If Amazon remains true, we are in Germany can get the device sometime between mid-October and mid-November (in recent years, Amazon has in great demand exclusively on the U.S. market served) and continue to pay 129 euros.

    Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Gen: Successful new edition

    While Kobo and Sony have their ebook reader, especially visually improved, Amazon has apparently worked with identical appearance massively under the hood. The most significant changes relate to the display without question, the quality of which naturally can not be assessed only on the basis of the product page. The new software-based features interesting read (especially Page Flip can prove to be very convenient) without actually tearing off the stool.

    The bottom line is Amazon with the Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Gen consolidate its dominance in the eBook reader market rather than jeopardize, but the innovations in the competition are sown just too rare. If Amazon still gaining more market share, then most likely from Sony, the PRS-T3 is lack of front light for many interested parties have no choice.

    It still remains a question of philosophy, whether you like to get involved with the purchase of a Kindle reader on the comfortable, but very closed ecosystem Amazon or accesses a technically no worse “open” about Reader by Kobo. The biggest question mark is in this country now behind the Tolino Alliance: Comes from the common reading project of Germany’s largest bookseller for Christmas, a new reader, or at least a complete firmware update with the still meager firmware is finally lifted on par with its international competitors?

  • Kindle Paperwhite 2nd Gen at
  • blank book – Books rediscover

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