Sunday, September 29, 2013

HDX Kindle: Amazon advertises new generation tablet with dedicated line to Amy -


of Santiago Campillo-Lundbeck
Marketing Editor

Increased competition in the tablet PC Amazon Kindle presents its latest generation HDX a device class that will reference the competition from Apple, Google and Samsung in their place not only in the technical performance. Main theme of the campaign is an accompanying feature, aimed specifically at the Digital laity.

The strategy raises some concerns. Because the Mayday button to connect the Kindle HDX touch of a button instantly with the Kindle Customer Service. In the commercials for the Kindle HDX introduction of clueless users with a push of the magic button is immediately connected with the omniscient Amy from the customer center. The customer advisor can access not only directly on the Kindle with the built-dedicated line, they also know all conceivable application advice questionsFrom the perspective of this USP Amazon for the Kindle is quite promising: Finally, the online retailer was trying to secure a share in the tablet PC market by focusing on consumer segment, which the previous devices were simply too expensive. Now offer a model for potential customers who have not hesitated out an equipment purchase for fear of the complex technology, there seems consistent.

However, the question arises whether the Amazon promised in the campaign USP in reality may actually redeem. Finally, the customer service is one of the most challenging tasks a company.

Amazon came to the risk of limited customer service capabilities to other factors. Thus, the successful operation of the Mayday button would depend on that Kindle users have a fast internet access for video chat with the service staff. Also achieve a globally consistent service experience should provide a considerable challenge even an experienced provider like Amazon. The reality check for the market relevance of the new features should therefore begin from October, when the first units will be delivered in the USA. When the Kindle HDX will be on sale in Germany, is still open. cam

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