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Kindle Fire HDX: Higher pixel density as the current iPad - Gulli

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In With “Mayday” button directly Amazon.

the new devices from Amazon will be available from mid-October. The standard model with 7-inch display is the U.S. equivalent of about 170 euros cost (229 U.S. dollars), while the larger 8.9-inch version will be available for 280 euros. For a fee of 74 euros (100 U.S. dollars), there are two variants as LTE version. All versions of the Fire HDX series have wireless Internet access. Amazon prices which will demand on the German market, is not known.

Triple computing power and very high resolution

The new generation of tablets is Amazon Amazon loud three times the processing power of previous models and have run at 800 Snapdragon quad-core processors at 2.2 GHz. The resolution of the 7-inch version of Fire HDX series is 1920 by 1200 pixels, while the larger 8.9-inch version will provide all 2560 times 1600 pixels. Thus, both models are about the pixel density of the current iPads with retina display from Apple. The new Amazon Fire tablet running on OS 3.0, which is based on Android 4.2.

The new “Mayday” feature is intended for emergencies. However, not the kind of emergencies in which police and ambulance is needed. By pressing a button function is made an image and voice connection to the Kindle Customer Service of the “Mayday”. The image link is to enable employees of the customer service to be directly on the customer’s screen display markers and clues to solve problems quickly and efficiently. The Kindle support is available 24/7 to be accessible.

Kindle series of multimedia group Amazon launched in 2007 in the United States, targeting primarily the e-reader market to. Since 2009, the electronic reading for the handbag in Germany to buy. With the introduction of Kindle Fire last year, Amazon has the e-reader missed a multimedia component, so that not only read e-books, but as usual on other tablets, installed applications, surf the Internet, send emails and Videos can be viewed. With applications such as “Kindle for PC”, “Kindle for iPhone” or “Kindle for Android” Amazon also offers an interface to other platforms to Amazon’s e-book collection, which currently includes more than 1.2 million books.

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    On Tuesday, the multimedia group Amazon introduced the new Kindle product line. The devices have gotten missed in comparison to the previous models, a revised design, quad-core processors and high resolution screens. The “Mayday” button Amazon also has a new feature businesswoman …

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