Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Amazon: Kindle for beginners 50 Euros and the new Kindle Paperwhite - c't

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in the new White Paper PageFlip mode you scroll in a preview window without leaving the current page enlarge class=”source”> Image: Amazon According to Goodreads, Amazon has also introduced its new generation of e-ink reader. The new Kindle Paperwhite looks just like the old one, the new plug in the hardware. Thus, the display should have a higher contrast, the touchscreen detect fine touch and the processor be faster by 25 percent – to which processor it is exactly, Amazon did not say


The integrated LED lighting Amazon has revised. What the advantages are the fact is unclear, perhaps the lighting is a little better. With the previous Kindle Paperwhite especially the lower part of the display was illuminated unevenly.


is the PageFlip function. It opens a window on the current page, on which you can scroll through the book remains open in the background while the current page. How can you scroll back a few pages or chapters before or without losing the current position in the book, it says on the Amazon website. A Vocabulary Builder stores all the words you look up in the dictionary while reading, and offers them to learn at a later date with a sheet system.

the new White Paper will be like the previous two versions: The version for 130 euros also connects via WiFi to the Kindle store and the Internet, the Paperwhite 3G for 190 € on a UMTS module – without additional costs abroad. Details cover provided by Amazon provides a world map. The two Kindle models are pre-order now. As a delivery date for Amazon is the Paperwhite the 9th October and for the 3G White Paper 6 November onwards.

entry level model gets no hardware update, but Amazon lowers the price: The Kindle without touch screen and simple lighting now costs only 50 euros. (acb)

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