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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: New Reader tried - Chip Online

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Visually almost identical to the previous

Amazon revised its successful EBook reader, the Kindle Paperwhite. The new is to get a better display and especially a faster processor. But the software has been improved. We could try the reader already.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: New processor for faster page

The clearest improvement is the faster processor according to Amazon 25 percent compared to its predecessor. Although the old model already requires less than a second flip, the new version is now even faster once. However, the only noticeable in a direct comparison of both models. In practice, you hardly notice the speed increase. Because already the first White Paper is much faster than most other readers

the display of the Kindle Paperwhite, yet already the benchmark for other eReader, Amazon has improved. The capacitive touch display detects the position of the fingers touch more detail. Anyone who tries to tap a footnote on a page, which should now also meet most. Finally, the illumination is very even: Even though we only tried out a prototype device, you could see a direct comparison shows better brightness distribution. The first generation suffered especially in the lower range under a partly non-uniform illumination.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. New Software Features

New Software Features

Meaningful extensions are available for the software of the Kindle Paperwhite: You can for example create a vocabulary list in the background – just as often draw customers from Germany to English-language books, a useful improvement. Also, the link to Wikipedia has been improved. In the future, you will find the link right away if you highlight a word. With the Kindle for Amazon Paperwhite also a kind of a Tab: As known from the Web browser, you can hold more information in a Hintergrundtab, so for example, store the map of Middle-earth in a second tab while reading Lord of the Rings. This works in the test also pleasantly fast and there were no delays. Here, the new processor is noticeable.

The WiFi version of the new Kindle Paperwhite to 9 Be available in October. The price is 129 euros. The version with 3G connectivity will cost 189 euros and is from 6 November delivered. Both models can now be pre-ordered

class=”general2″> CHIP Online says:.
Our first test was able to convince us that the changes to the new White Paper are continuously sense: The strengths are retained (class display, great touch screen, brilliant shop link) and even slightly improved. Because the lighting was not what they expected for many customers. The new software features make it even easier to read. However, the new processor in our test lab must prove that he is still as energy efficient as the currently built. If he can do that, even the new Kindle Paperwhite the top of our leaderboard position is safe. In our video you see the new software is already in direct comparison with the old model. (MRO)

Video: Amazon Kindle 2 White Paper – Practice Test

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