Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Amazon's "Kindle Matchbook" e-book discount on print purchase - Heise Newsticker

online retail giant Amazon wants to offer significant discounts for e-books in a new Marketingprogrammms when customers have previously purchased the corresponding book. The e-books purchased subsequently will cost 2.99, 1.99 or 0.99 U.S. dollars, or be free in some cases, as the company announced. In October, the “Kindle Matchbook” said program to be launched in the U.S..

Here, the catalog for the cheap aftermarket will initially include approximately 10,000 titles – including works by John Irving, Ray Bradbury, Michael Crichton, Neal Stephenson, and Jo Nesbo. The offer should not only apply to current orders, but for book purchases incurred since 1995 – so in effect since the opening of the Amazon Book Trade


How many publishers so far Amazon has the program in the boot, the company left open. According to the information New York Times to date only some of the major U.S. publishers on board to be – an Amazon spokesman told the newspaper would only give the name Harper Collins. However, Amazon is convinced to draw more industry giants on its side after the start of the program.

Amazon announced on request, there are no plans to offer Kindle Matchbook in Germany. According to information of the Association of German Book Trade such an offer would have to contend with the vagaries of the local book prices: Would Amazon negotiate with the respective publishers lower prices for e-books, would then not exclusive, but also for every other dealer valid. Alternatively, Amazon would have to take the appropriate title itself under contract and release under his own imprint to offer discounted e-books can. (axk)

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