Sunday, September 8, 2013

Amazon's Kindle smartphone should be free -

Already throughout the year to keep the persistent rumors of Amazon’s Kindle smartphone in the network. Now the Wall Street journalist Amir Efrati and Jessica E. Lessin want to know that the Internet giant wants to bring his smartphone on the market free of charge. Prerequisite for this would be that the customer has Amazon Prime.

By the way about Amazon Prime beyond the conclusion of a mobile phone contract through Amazon is conceivable. According to the report of the two journalists talks had already gone with network operation. Probably Amazon would sell even his phone but in the end after all. Official information about these presumptions by Amazon are far from even.

the emerging rumors were two versions of the Kindle smartphone talk time and again of a high-end device as well as a 3D-capable smartphone. The Kindle Phone is based on Android and be equipped with an surface Amazon. As the smartphone but ultimately looks and when it comes on the market, another unanswered question whose answer remains to be seen.


Image Source: Amazon / Google | Author: Simone Warnke

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