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25 September 2013 15:55

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos presented the Kindle Fire Tablet Tablet HDX

(photo: dpa )

The new Amazon tablet called “Kindle Fire HDX”. They should be three times as powerful as the previous models. The most interesting new feature is, however, the “Mayday” button.

Amazon has introduced new tablet of its Kindle series, they bear the name “Fire HDX”. According to CEO Jeff Bezos, the devices have an improved resolution that will surpass the retina display of Apple’s iPad (technical data: 339 ppi on one side, 264 ppi on the other). It will therefore also be a new processor that will make three times as powerful the device as the previous models, Bezos said.

Two versions should give it a 7-inch version and a 8.9-inch. The prices for the U.S. launch will be 229 U.S. dollars for the smaller version, whereas the large model for 379 dollars to have. If and when the equipment will be sold in Germany as there is currently no evidence.

The operating system is the Fire OS version 3.0, Mojito and his name is based on Google’s Android 4.2.

The most interesting innovation is that the tablets have extra button, the so-called “Mayday” button. This is pressed, a small help window and an Amazon employee opens answered questions about technical details. Bezos has established this new feature so that new devices would bring more and more features are released, which would only rarely used. Here should a means of direct communication between Customer and User arise. The customer service is available around the clock.

The security expert Chris Green told the BBC though, that such a function could also be used by third parties to gain access to the device. He restricted this formulation but simultaneously: “The benefits clearly outweigh”


The battery life of the new equipment should be eleven hours. If the user is limited to reading only, it should be 17 hours.

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