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With three new models of the Kindle Fire Versangigant Amazon has unveiled a revamped product range. The tablets can already play more than just e-books. tells you what the device can and when they are available in Germany.


six years ago, Amazon introduced the first Kindle e-book reader on the market, and thus laid the foundation for a change in the book market. While the first Kindle models were only designed to make electronic books readable, the devices made from the line of Kindle Fire, a step towards tablet. The Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD are no longer pure e-book readers, but also allow the playback of multimedia content, and access to Internet content.

launch first in the U.S.

The tablet market is clearly profitable for Amazon: Recently, the online company has introduced the HDX 8.9 Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire 7 HDX and HD demKindle Fire Kindle Fire-a new family. Over the coming weeks, the tablets in the U.S. will come on the market – when Kindle is German fans can revel in the devices is still uncertain


the Amazon has three new products equipped with both runderneuertem design and an upgraded hardware and a new Betreibssystem. Fire OS 3.0 is based on version 4.3 of the Android called Jelly Bean.

Kindle & Co.

competition for the Kindle

Kindle (Foto) to photo gallery

The Kindle Fire, the HDX 8.9

the highlight of the new Kindle Fire series, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, depending on the version 379 U.S. dollars must be (with WLAN) or 479 dollars down (LTE) on the table. For this, Amazon has announced an improved display with a resolution of 2560 times 1600 pixels, a higher computing power along with a long battery life of up to 18 hours and an impressive color accuracy.

The Kindle Fire 7 HDX is designed as a legacy of the Kindle Fire HD and also to have either a WLAN or LTE model. The cost point lies at 229 U.S. dollars or 329 dollars. For this, users will enjoy an optimized Full-HD + display and an improved computing power. The Kindle Fire HD differs only slightly from the previous version – the main difference is in the price that Amazon has scaled down to 139 U.S. dollars


future call for help by pressing a button

One of the new models have in common with the “Mayday” button to Kindle Fire users will be able to directly connect with the round-the-clock customer service, when the tablet causes problems. Also new is that Kindle Fire users can download free Amazon Prime videos on their tablet and offline in the future.

The e-book market continues to grow

With the new Amazon Kindle trio responds to the growing demand for tablets and e-book readers. Last year, 2.4 million e-book readers were sold in Germany – and the trend is rising. Half of German citizens is of the opinion that e-books are the future and a new way to read display. These handy devices are not only practical for frequent readers, but recent evidence suggests may even pose a relief for people with a reading disability.

e-book reader is perfect for reading disabilities

research by U.S. scientists have shown that e-books for people with reading problems are better than printed books. For this, more than 100 high school students was first presented a printed book with reading problems, then they got a text on an electronic device to read. Understanding of the text and the Lesegeschwindingkeit when run with the e-book readers was therefore better than the conventional reading of the books.

The reason lies in the customizable screen display and font size: According to those affected by it easier to understand units of meaning and texts to read faster, the shorter the lines. In the current e-book readers can be both the line spacing and the font size with little effort any increase or decrease – printed literature does not offer this benefit and spoils people with dyslexia usually very fast fun to read

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