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Paperwhite Kindle 2: Amazon's new eBook reader in the practice test - COMPUTER BILD

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By Rainer Schuldt, 12.10.2013, 11:30 clock

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  • Amazon presents the “Kindle Paperwhite 2″ a new eBook reader with LED display. COMPUTER BILD tried out the device.

    eBook Reader Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2 © Amazon

    missed the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite moderate hardware and software update.

    Only moderate modifications

    A b 16 October 2013, there is the “White Paper 2,” the Amazon known as the “White Paper of the next generation,” for the price of 129 euros (for the Wi-Fi model with UMTS costs 189 euros, the reader). Parallel lowers the online retailer the price of the previous model, very moderately by ten euros and requires “only” 119 euros. At the small savings is to recognize that the real innovations in the new White Paper are not groundbreaking. Amazon missed the eBook reader rather a hardware and software update that weeds out a few quirks of its predecessor or the device adds useful functions.


    The Kindle Paperwhite 2 has a six inch display with a resolution of 1024×758 pixels and a pixel density of 221 ppi. Illustrations and photos show the device in 16 shades of gray. Save the eBooks on the two gigabyte internal data memory, enough for about 1,100 books according to Amazon. A slot for memory cards do not exist. In return, the Kindle Paperwhite 2 automatically connects to the Amazon cloud, on which store many books and can be loaded from there at any time of the White Paper 2nd In addition to the ePub format eBook reader gets along with all other popular eBook formats, including AZW3, AZW, MOBI, PDF, HTML, TXT and DOC, and image formats are JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP

    »Video. : eBook reader Kindle Paperwhite 2 in detail

    delivery, commissioning

    The 206 grams, Paperwhite Kindle 2 is – as is now common at Amazon – delivered in an environmentally friendly cardboard box. In it are located next to the eBook only a USB charging cable and a Quick Start Guide. More is also not required to take the White Paper 2 in operation.Unfortunately, Amazon is forcing its customers to log on your eBook reader. Otherwise, the device refused the operation. Registration takes place via wireless or – if no wireless network is available – on the PC to which you must then connect the Paperwhite 2 via the USB cable. The facility itself is a no brainer: Enter wireless data, user name and password of the Amazon customer account name – done. Connect to other book stores is not possible. Tip: If you do not want that Amazon constantly retrieves data about your reading habits, put the Paperwhite 2 in the so-called flight mode – the switch off the wireless connection

    »eBook reader: The digital reading pleasure

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    The Kindle Paperwhite the first generation had already operate very comfortable. Its successor is any weakness here: thanks to a tutorial that you can go through when first starting, all the essential features of the White Paper 2 are easily explained. The controlled completely by the sensitive and responsive fixed six-inch touchscreen. The device is always very comfortable in the hand. Thanks to the relatively low weight holding the White Paper 2 are not fatigued.

    display reading functions

    Now in the Kindle Paperwhite 2 is the eInk Carta display that not only faster the virtual pages turns the pages compared to conventional displays, but also the so called ghosting effect (slight shadows that remain when you switch from the previous page) virtually eliminated. In addition, Amazon has significantly improved the LED lighting, the screen is now very evenly and brightly lit, shadows or darker areas like the Paperwhite 1 are not

    identify the software Amazon has modified.. New here are the dictionary function with links to Wikipedia, a Vocabulary Trainer as well as a preview that will appear whenever you have selected pages (such as a bookmark) and call back later.

    book collection

    Currently, Amazon offers the Kindle Store house of around 140,000 books in German. This purchase and download directly from the Kindle Paperwhite 2 Amazon Prime customers can borrow books, without a specific return period. For this, however, “only” about 12,000 German books available. In addition to the paid hosts works in his Amazon shop also books where the copyright has expired, and therefore may not be offered for free. This is, above all, to classics of world literature, such as Goethe, Shakespeare, Tolstoy.


    In the first practical test of the Kindle 2 from Amazon Paperwhite convinced by its quality workmanship, the light display, the functionality and ease of use. That Amazon customers proscriptive for compulsory registration is annoying, but unfortunately common practice. Otherwise there is nothing to complain about.


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  • Good processing
  • Easy to use
  • Very good display
  • Many functions
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  • forced registration required
  • Not cheap
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