Friday, October 4, 2013

KINDLE99: New Kindle Paperwhite for 99 euros! 30 EUR cheaper for Amazon ... -

Special Offer for Amazon Prime customers: the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is 30 euros cheaper for all participants in the Amazon Prime program – instead of € 129 for the Wi-Fi version of the Kindle Paperwhite gibts for prime customers the new ebook reader for 99 euros. ” / p>

Ums story short: ONLY paying Amazon Prime members enjoy the favorable Ebook Readers – currently the new Kindle White Paper can be pre-ordered, first deliveries are expected on 9 October at the bookworms arrive home


  • Skip to Paperwhite offer from Amazon / here the notes and conditions
  • you must have to the product itself does not say much: The new Kindle Paper White with Wi-Fi, new Paperwhite display, higher resolution, sharper contrasts, integrated lighting of the next generation – Stiftung Warentest certify the Kindle Paperwhite a “Good “with a score of 1.6. For bookworms certainly one of the better readers. In addition, you have the possibility to rent each month a free ebook on Amazon as a Prime customer. Read in sunlight and are in bed with the Kindle no problem

    So – so enter from the cart, the coupon code KINDLE99 and a favorable Kindle under the Christmas tree set (or use yourself)  KINDLE99:! Paperwhite New Kindle for 99 EUR 30 EUR cheaper for Amazon Prime customers Paperwhite Kindle Touch eReader with integrated lighting 2013 10 04 21 33 11

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