Thursday, October 17, 2013

Amazon tablet Amazon Kindle Fire HD and HDX are there -


new additions to the Amazon tablet family: The new Kindle Fire HD, HDX HDX 7 and 8.9 are now available from Amazon .

Kindle Fire © Amazon

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  • All new Kindle Fire are equipped with the latest according to Amazon graphics processor , the RAM has been doubled and the processor performance with the current top- 2.2 GHz Quad-core processor tripled.

    The Kindle Fire HD has the same display technology as the previous models from last year and a faster processor. The screens of the new HDX Kindle Fire 7 and 8.9 have a high pixel density (up to 339 ppi) color-faithful representation (110% sRGB). According to Amazon to have been also improves the image contrast and brightness settings .

    The Kindle Fire is with HDX 8.9 374 grams very easily. That the HDX 8.9 is 34 percent lighter than the previous model, he owes the new unibody magnesium with glass nylon alloy. Also the design has been revised from the ground up.

    A new feature that is available for all Kindle Fire tablets, is Kindle Free Time . So that parents can create and decide on what books, apps, games and videos, the children are allowed to access an individual profile for their children. Another feature is the time limit : Parents can specify how long their kids have access to the tablet. Here, the user can also specify that the children can read, as long as they want.

    the Kindle Fire HD is available for 129 € of Fire HDX 7 is available from 229 euros and the Fire HDX costs 379 € Amazon.

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