Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Kindle Phone": Amazon working on smartphone with HTC - ABC Online

speculation about its own smartphone from Amazon new food. About plans for an Amazon smartphone is speculated already at least two years.

The world’s largest online retailer working together with the manufacturer, HTC, told the “Financial Times” on Tuesday citing informed sources. Three models discussed one is well advanced. However, the sources of a limited, that there is no timetable for a launch and Amazon could also abandon the project altogether. The device will not appear in any case before 2014.

Plans for an Amazon smartphone is speculated since at least two years, especially after the company had entered in the fall of 2011 into the tablet business. With a partnership with HTC Amazon would follow a similar path as Google, that will build its devices to the “Nexus” series from manufacturers such as LG.

HTC fighting for over a year with sales problems and most recently recorded the first quarterly loss. The company already cooperated with Facebook and built the first HTC device with the online services network in the foreground. But the model sold weak.

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