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Tolino Vision 3 HD and Kindle Voyage compared [+ Video] –

10/23/2015 – John Main eReader

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By Tolino Vision 3 HD and Kindle Voyage stand opposite the top models of the largest e-reading provider Kindle and Tolino. On the data sheet, the eBook Reader also separates hardly anything. Whether it actually is a duel at eye level, clarifies our comparison.

Tolino Vision 3 HD and Kindle Voyage will be the dimensions of only millimeters apart (and meager 5 grams in weight), both readers a continuous front glazing and both readers offer their users an alternative music option for wiping / tap on the touch screen.

Kindle Voyage with practical scroll buttons

The Kindle Voyage has 2 × 2 sensory side scroll keys when Tolino Vision 3 HD can be scrolled by tapping on the back (“tap2flip”). Which leaves option prefers, naturally depends on the individual reading habits. However, we disclaim probably only moderately out of the window with the assertion that the side scroll keys of the Kindle universal are available, often apply and thus ultimately represent more value than the knock option of Tolino.

 Tolino left, Kindle right (100% Lighting)

Tolino left, Kindle right (100% illumination)

Tolino Vision 3 HD and Kindle Voyage nominally have the same display – e-ink Carta, 300ppi. Although the Tolino Vision 3 represents a significant leap in quality compared to the previous model, it comes, however, not to the industry leader Kindle Voyage zoom – with backlight on the display when Kindle clear contrast, the lighting is whiter than the Tolino. An obvious in direct comparison difference that nevertheless not alter the fact that modifies the Tolino Vision 3 HD offers an excellent display quality.

A unique feature of the Kindle Voyage (and Kindle Paperwhite 3) is the optional built-in UMTS module. This new literature can be discovered and bought out of the reach of Wi-Fi hotspots, and indeed almost worldwide and with no transmission cost. The Telekom hotspot flat rate of Vision 3 HD is the opposite indeed already at the “base model” here, but especially for frequent travelers compared no more than a gimmick – the latest as soon as it comes across borders

Tolino. platform brings powerful on

The Tolino Vision 3 HD has hardware side oppose its water tightness. He also impresses with epub support in addition to Adobe DRM and library link (shopping at any Tolino dealers, automatic synchronization with your account). With cost-effective indie literature offer the Tolino-Allies have also just caught up as the firmware functions, although Amazon in both respects has the edge as before.

Tolino Vision 3 HD (note 1.4 in the single review, 10/2015)

  • less close ties to Tolino platform by Adobe copy
  • 31 euros cheaper
  • waterproof
  • Use of eBook rental of public libraries possible (eLibrary)

Kindle Voyage (note 1.4 in each test, 10 / 2014)

  • somewhat higher contrast display, neutral lighting
  • intuitive firmware, more reading options (WordWise, X-Ray, Social Reading, …) and additional services (lending library, Kindle Unlimited , …)
  • Better additional music option
  • better app ecosystem, better networking within the platform
  • numerous exclusive self-publishers-Title
  • more reading options (WordWise, X-Ray, Social Reading, …) and additional services (lending library, Kindle Unlimited, …)
  • brightness sensor
  • optional with mobile module (3G)
  • more choices and very good prices for English eBooks

Tolino Vision 3 HD vs Kindle Voyage: Video Comparison

A feature-rich and intuitive-to-use firmware, additional scroll keys and especially the but significantly higher contrast display: Although already for a year in trade, leaves the Kindle Voyage to Tolino Vision 3 HD in direct comparison ultimately behind. However, it also costs at least 31 euros more. If the intention is integrated UMTS, the charge increases even to 91 euros. On top of the amazon typical vendor lock-in: If one has once acquired a Kindle and made purchases in the Kindle Store, device Subsequent changes to the ecosystems at a painfully costly undertaking

The Tolino Vision 3 HD. must indeed beaten the industry leader, but has nonetheless an excellent complete package consisting of a high-contrast display, a feature-rich firmware, and a richly filled eBook Store. Had to be used in deciding the ‘per Tolino “in previous years still emotional aspects (German jobs secure, do not support exploiters Amazon and the like), can now be completely sober-factually advised to Tolino. Pleasing.

  • Tolino Vision 3 HD at (159 euros)
  • Kindle Voyage at (190 euros)
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