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E-Reader: Tolino now offers real Kindle-competitor – ZEIT ONLINE

The new E-Reader Tolino leave nothing to be desired. Especially the Tolino vision 3HD confident in the comparison test. Only one function is still missing.

Tolino shine 2 HD (left) and Tolino Vision 3 HD © ZEIT ONLINE

The top telecom product manager for e-publishing takes the word Amazon is not in the mouth. “Our biggest competitor” he says instead, whenever he compares the own E-Reader branded Tolino with Amazon’s Kindle. When Amazon was the Voldemort of consumer electronics. The company, whose name must not be called

This has the Telekom as a developer and manufacturer of the Tolino composite of the German book and E -Book retailer no reason for verbal acrobatics. Just in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair and in time for Christmas, there are two new Tolinos, the Vision 3 HD and shine 2 HD. And that must not hide behind the current Kindle Paperwhite.

The Tolino Vision 3 HD is the new top model. It differs from its predecessor mainly by the improved display. In Vision 3 HD puts a six-inch, touch-sensitive e-ink display with 1,448 times 1,072 pixels, ie 300 ppi. Thus, the resolution is as high as that of the current Kindle Paperwhite. On both individual pixels are no longer recognizable, the typeface is sharp and smooth even in serif. Ghosting effects no longer occur and the backlight is uniform, which was not quite the case with the predecessor.

Save as Paperwhite?

The Vision 3 HD is also water resistant and is according to the Telekom even a bath without problems. It also offers the already familiar from the predecessor tap2flip option: to turn pages, users can just tap with a finger on the back of the device. BackBrowse so you can not, but the function is as an alternative to the profile on the touch screen very convenient for users who wish to keep the device always in one hand.

The lower Tolino shine 2 HD has the same excellent display, but is not water resistant and has no tap2flip option. The memory and processor equipment is the same, nevertheless, pages build on the shine 2 HD noticeably slower on.

Tolinos have a button for display illumination

The body of the shine 2 HD is minimal thick, the device ten grams heavier than the Vision 3 HD. With 184 grams that are flexible but still 21 grams less than a Kindle Paperwhite without 3G module. The home button is a physical button, no sensor as in the Vision 3 HD.

The backlight of the Kindle Paperwhite can still adjust brighter than the Tolinos. But the brightest probably needs only, who wants to use its E-Reader as a flashlight. But can the lighting of Tolinos as usual via a button on the top edge of the housing switch off while the Kindle only in several steps via the touchscreen geht.Zudem the Tolinos offer more options in the settings for text alignment, ie with line spacing, border and alignment.

The four gigabytes of memory in both devices should be enough for about 2,000 e-books, the battery will hold up to seven weeks after the manufacturer’s instructions until it needs to be recharged. That, however, I could not check because I had my test equipment only a few days. If you need more storage space, can store its e-books in the Tolino-Cloud, 25 gigabytes are included in the price. All of this is similar to the Kindle.

Amazon’s e-reader understands it more file formats, the apparatus is of course to be understood primarily as a rendering engine for Amazon’s own content in Amazon’s own file format , Who wants to read ePub files on the Kindle, you need to convert only going to the computer using the free software Calibre

Interim conclusion:. Technically the Tolino Vision 3 HD is a Kindle slightly superior Paperwhite of 2015th The shine 2 HD it is at least very close. However, there is still no Tolino with 3G module, new books so you can charge the device only via Wi-Fi.


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