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Top issues: Doubox-off, Paypal Buyer Protection expands, Kindle e-books in … – Online Dealer News (blog)

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An eventful day comes to an end. A big issue today was, among other things the end of Doubox. What else was important to check out our Top themes

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Doubox: Douglas puts his Abobox a

For many women, she was in the last few months a fact of life: the Doubox of Douglas. Now cosmetics merchant has however announced that the Abobox is set. The customers were informed today by e-mail. Also on the website of Doubox there is a message. Douglas had completely redone a few months ago his house Abobox. The Doubox was offered in three versions, which cost up to 50 euros per month

More Buyer Protection:. Paypal renewed Terms

Paypal regularly revised its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the last week of the payment provider, this year’s changes announced. So Paypal has introduced among other things the buyer protection for users who do not have a Paypal account. The Terms of Use is however mainly editorial changes

For a detailed overview of the changes we have put together here

New stationary experiment.. E-books in the “mini-bookstore “

Amazon has a renewed attempt in terms of steady sales dared: In October, the company e-book offers coupons in a US drugstore on. The coupons are designed case with the cover of a book and blurb and can be used for both the e-book directly as well as a general coupon.

Costume for Kids “refugee” lots of stimulation

for alleged impiety Amazon was faced with a Shitstorm. A MarketPlace dealer offered and offers on the marketplace refugee costumes for children. This met with some customers. However, there are at the dealer for the UK’s largest online shop for costumes, which specializes not only on Halloween or carnival accessories, but also decked schools for theater performances. Because actually be in British schools re-enacted historical events and events on a regular basis, for which those costumes are required.

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